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Oto kilka pytań z czatu z Jonem na TOTP oraz link do video z tego chatu:

Donna: What are your thoughts on your Shepherd’s Bush gig?
Jon: I had a good time. I think the fans had a good time and the band had a good time as well. I enjoyed playing the old hits and I think the new stuff went down really well too.

Melissa: What’s the best venue you’ve ever played?
Jon: Wembley would be right up there, Times Square, the Giant’s Stadium, the RDS in Dublin. There’s too many to pick even ten favourites!

TOTP: Do you find it claustrophobic doing intimate gigs?
Jon: Smellovision! That’s when the people get so close they can smell you. One of the big misconceptions is that performing in a small venue is less exciting than playing in a big one. Or that we get more enjoyment out of doing the small ones. We get enjoyment out of performing period. I put out just as much at Shepherd’s Bush Empire as I do at Wembley. Enjoyed it too.

Angela: What have you been up to in the UK?
Jon: Absolutely nothing. We played, we had to go to a record company function. This morning I was doing interviews for the last six plus hours so there’s no rest for the weary. We’re heading back for America tomorrow morning and will begin the promotion there.

Tonya: Looking back on your career, is there anything that you would have done differently?
Jon: I wouldn’t have ordered the chicken for dinner tonight. Regrets I have none – nothing deep.

Mo: Do you think you’ll still be rocking in 20 years time?
Jon: I might have an elderly sticker on my licence plate when I park the bus but I don’t see why I wouldn’t be. Frank Sinatra toured till he was 80 and did 60 movies in between – that’s a pretty good gauge – and until the Stones stop none of us know where the road ends. Excess in all areas!

Aninja: Do you wish you could change your life and be someone else?
Jon: Would I want to change my life? Are you kidding. No. I have a pretty good one. Elvis’s might have been better, but hey, he’s dead. The president gets kicked out of his nice house and loses the plane after four years so I don’t want his job. There’s not too many people I’d want to trade with except maybe Ritchie Sambora.

TOTP: Any particular reason for that?
Jon: Think about it!

Robin: If ‘Bounce’ gets the recognition it so richly deserves by winning a grammy, what would you say in your acceptance speech?
Jon: I’d say, you can have it back. Those grammys – I’ve been nominated a whole bunch of times but I never go. Those awards are cute, they’re fun, they’re fine. You go, it’s a nice night out but they’re no big deal. Truly, without sounding cliched, the best reward is continuing to make records. I have given away more awards than I have received. There’s not a platinum award hanging in my home. It’s really not a part of the process for me.

Emma Kate: What’s in your CD player right now?
Jon: Today it was Ryan Adams’ new record ‘Demolition’. Country music would be the next thing I would listen to. Good storytelling.

TOTP: Can you see yourself moving more in that direction as you get older?
Jon: The good ole Bon Jovi boy band playing in a bar near you. I don’t really evisage that in the near future.

Just Jovi: What three luxuries can you not live without.
Jon: Wow. Health, family and a good personal assistant.

Angela: What part do you most like or enjoy about the upcoming new album? Are you nervous?
Jon: Not really, because chart positions, like awards, are not the be all and end all. I think that there’s this pregnant pause between the day you finally let go of the record and the day it comes out when it’s in limbo. Where there’s an anticipation and you hope people will like the record. You know, you’re in limbo where I can’t change anything and you haven’t heard it and it gets a bit queasy. Other than that.

TOTP: You’re giving fans a chance to meet you with the new album.
Jon: Right. We’ve created something we called American Excess. You buy the record and you get a serial number unique to that record – where you bought it and if you go onto the website you’re invited to log on your serial number and become a member of this American Excess. You’ll recieve a first-in-line opportunity to buy tickets, special seating, it’s B-sides, chats like this exclusively for the members. It’s a way of giving back to those fans who have been so loyal for all these years. We don’t ask for any money, we don’t ask for anything from them, there’s nothing else involved other than put in that serial number from the record you’ve just purchased.

Kelly: Before you were a celebrity yourself, who was the first person you had a celebrity crush on?
Jon: Good question. Probably Marsha Brady (from the Brady bunch). Cher! Ritchie was going out with her when she was only 60.

TOTP: Here’s Jon with final word:
Jon: Nice surprise. I had no idea I’d be doing this with you but I’m glad I did. It’s fun to be here at TOTP and we’ll see you soon when we’re back in the UK.

Oto link do video z chatu:

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