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T.S. W hołdzie BJ

Nasza praca... ;)
Twisted Sister
It's My Life
Rejestracja:wt lip 12, 2005 3:37 pm
T.S. W hołdzie BJ

Post autor: Twisted Sister » wt sie 23, 2005 2:10 pm

Hmmm.... Co tu dużo mówić..... wiersze Twisted Sister w hołdzie BJ.... i w hołdzie rock'n'rollowi w ogóle.

"Love Of Rock'n'Roll"
First time I heard that music
I thought it was my own
I could feel it in my heartbeat
I could feel it in my bones
My momma thinks I'm crazy
Dad says I'm insane
But telling me to keep the faith
BJ gave me something to the pain.
They showed me places when sun still shine
When the only one thing could stop me then was fear
Told me how to buckle up when it's bumpy ride
How to bouncing back again and believe in end of thrill.
Tonight's the night I'm gonna proove to them
That they'll be in my heard till the day that I die
And that I was born to be their baby
Since old radio blasting "Dry County" song saved my life that night

Chorus: Your songs are like my medicine
Something to believe in I need
I will love them, baby, always
If they say that ain't healthy well then living's a disease
Cause if it's allright if you have a good time
And you can't stop the fire burning out of control
Oh, there's hope for this world
Blame it on the love of rock&roll

Even in the place when the lonely they only could walk throught the rain
With their music there's a magic makes me come alive
They're givin' me the hope when I'm feeling like a Monday
That someday I'll be Saturday Night
It was hard to be stron when there was no one to dream on
But since I knew I'd rather die than fade away
I knew also not all my heroes died thanks to their rock'n'roll
Thanks to it they taught me how to keep teh faith
So if people thinks it's bad I'll be bad for good
I know I'm not the only one who know it cause a lot are on that
How can ever 100.000.000 fans be wrong??????

"Sold My Soul For Rock'n'Roll"
Life cursed me long time ago
And when luck turns for results you mustn't wait too long
Life always was making me easy to forget about every love
Cause almost every I fell in was just hit-or miss shot
But my life changed almost 5 years ago
And as a matter of the fact all hurts didn't fade away
But you know that even smashed-up car is better gripping the road
If you know for sure you're riding now your own and rightest way
That day I was watching 100 different TV stations all looked the same to me
And the remote control has slipped form my hand and tears flew down on my face
When in the darkness of my life and livin'nowadays
The long-haired angel of guitar took me by the hand
Chorus: Then I arrived somewhere I never was before
To the farthest nooks of my young soul
And since that moment I know
I sold my soul for rock'n'roll
All bad was gone and I knew
I found what I was searching for
I found my spirit and my own road
Selling soul for rock'n'roll

Since that day my cheated soul was
Filled by the unknown fire buring also in my veins
That fire from the first time felt like it was my own
And became a remedy for every hardest pain
My loneliness took a different way, it changed
Rock'n'roll gave the sense to every sleeplest night
Made broken-hearted girl how now I really am
Taught how to spread my broken wings and how to fly
It pressed the pen into my hand and told me how to write
'Bout all I used to keep untold inside
It made myself warrior tough enough to win every fight
It made me ready to survive

I jak??? Jeżeli chociaż komuś się to podoba, to coś tu jeszcze kiedyś skrobnę. W ogóle mało odwiedzany chyba ten dział.... :cry: A jeśli wszyscy fani z Always będą uciekać przed moją poezją na drzewo, to obiecuję więcej nie zamieszczać tu wierszy.
A jeżeli w ogóle ktoś to przeczyta-niech da komenta. Publicznie, albo-jeżeli ocena moich wierszy roiła by się od przekleństw różnorakich- na PW. :D
KTF! :)

Save A Prayer
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Post autor: Pippo » pn wrz 05, 2005 10:50 pm

Nie pozostaje mi nic innego jak wyrazy uznania za włożony trud w ten tekst :)